College Prep

Led by industry veteran John DeFilippo, our academy program makes us one of the most challenging training environments in the Northeast. We take pride in being the only club that offers comprehensive and focused training sessions. Our program consists of all aspects of competitive play, including technique, tactics, physical and mental skills.

College Prep Academy Program

All placements are determined by John DeFilippo, Director of Tennis
(203) 359-0601

College Prep Academy 1 – 35 Weeks

This program is for players ages 14 and under, playing in Level 7 and beginning Level 6 tournaments in New England
and L-2 and L-3 tournaments in the Eastern sections.

College Prep Academy 3 – 25 Weeks

This program has three options:
Level 1: Is for Junior Varsity and Varsity players who are Juniors and Seniors in High School.
Level 2: Is for Freshman and Sophomore players who are competing at the Sectional Level of USTA tournaments.
Level 3: Is for the Varsity level player who is a Junior or Senior in High School.

College Prep Academy 2 – 35 Weeks

This program is for players ages 14 and under, playing Sectional and National level events. These players are competing at the top level of their section.

College Prep Academy 4 – 25 Weeks

This program is for players who are competing in 16U and 18U Sectional and National tournaments. Younger players will only be placed in this group by the director.