Led by industry veteran John DeFilippo, our academy program makes us one of the most challenging training environments in the Northeast. We take pride in being the only club that offers comprehensive and focused training sessions. Our program consists of all aspects of competitive play, including technique, tactics, physical and mental skills.

All Placements Are Determined By John DeFilippo and Patrick Hirscht
(203) 359-0601

**Please Note:  Registration Is Not Final Until Placement Is Confirmed

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Full-Time Player Development Program


This program is designed for the player who wants to train on a more full- time basis.  Players in this program will train 2 times per day, several days per week.  Players interested in this program will meet with John and Patrick to discuss scheduling.

 Monday - Friday             2:00pm-4:00pm

Program Cost:               $2,000  monthly

                                        $1,500  weekly

                                           $125   daily