Junior Programs

Best-in-Class Court Rentals

Solaris Racquet Club hosts the best-in-class court rental and training programs. Our courts are fully equipped with all that players need to become competitive professionals in the future. We also provide specialized training programs for all those who are interested.

From Beginners to Experts

Solaris Racquet Club offers world-class instruction for juniors from beginner to competitive level players. Each junior is given personal attention and trained to the best of his capacity. As they improve their games, the training is focused on the player’s weak areas to help them overcome their challenges.

Professional Training Program

Led by industry veteran John DeFilippo, our academy program makes us one of the most challenging training environments in the Northeast. We take pride in being the only club that offers comprehensive and focused training sessions. Our program consists of all aspects of competitive play, including technique, tactics, physical and mental skills.